Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products

At Surekleen Products we are consciously committed to manufacturing environmentally responsible cleaning products for use in remote sites, domestic, agricultural and industrial environments whilst also offering the best solution for all of your cleaning challenges. We pride ourselves at keeping up to date with the latest technologies so that we can offer our customers a wide range of safe solutions to their cleaning practices.

How Surekleen Products Provide Solutions to Your Needs and Not Be Overpriced

Surekleen Products manufacture and distribute an extensive range of cleaning products designed to be efficacious, of excellent quality and work efficiently in all conditions including wastewater treatment plants.


Our Range Includes

  • Detergents for kitchens, housekeeping and maintenance
  • Specialty products for laundry needs
  • Soil wetting and dust suppression agents
  • Wastewater treatments
  • Hand cleaners and sanitisers
  • Metal treatments and lubricants
  • Agricultural products and insect control products
  • Flooring solutions and products ranges
  • We also carry a full range of paper and ancillary consumables as well as safety products and services for all industries.

Surekleen Products Endeavour to Use Only Safe and Effective Ingredients

The Surekleen Products range of products have been specifically formulated to firstly, be effective and do the job quickly and economically, but more importantly, strive to look after the environment by using the best quality and safest ingredients in all our products

Surekleen Products are Accessible by Everyone

At Surekleen Products we always try our best to bring you the best possible products at the best possible price, whilst ensuring all of our products are environmentally responsible and as safe as possible. Look for our new Surekleen Products supply vehicles in your region and ask our representatives about our new and expanded range. You can also place your order online, by fax or telephone and we can arrange delivery for you.

Surekleen Products Endeavour to Use Only Safe and Effective Ingredients
Surekleen Certificate
We are ISO 9001 Certified

Surekleen Products Philosophy

Surekleen Products is a privately owned Australian manufacturer of environmentally responsible cleaning products operating Australia wide since 2003. At Surekleen Products we are 100% committed to supplying safe, effective and environmentally responsible products because we know and understand that it is possible to leave a more gentle footprint.