Country is a word that holds many different meanings for First Nations peoples, especially given the diversity of First Nations across the continent.

But there are certain concepts and ideas about Country that many First Nations people share. For instance: Country is alive. Country is timeless. And Country is us. Country is a proper noun, which is why it is usually capitalised. We often refer to Country in the same way we would a person. For example, Country is sick. Listen to Country. Country needs time to heal. Country encompasses land, waterways, seas, and skies, as well as the energy and space in between.

It also encompasses relationships. Relationships with plants, relationships with animals and relationships with Ancestors (to name a few). First Nations relationships within Country are grounded in reciprocity. Reciprocity is about mutual respect and exchange. For First Nations people and Country, it is about keeping balance. We take only what is needed, so natural resources are never exhausted.

How Can We Help?

At Surekleen, minimising waste contributions to landfill is important to us as part of our commitment to the environment and our impact on it as a community.

We sell cleaning products into a range of sectors and the safest way to transport these products is in plastic drums which can have a negative impact within waste streams unless it is systemised with a responsible attitude and want by all parties involved in the chain. Our 10 litre recycling program has proven successful over the last 6 years with keeping drums and more importantly, residual chemical left in containers out of landfill.

Chemical containers of any description can still retain up to 100mls of fluid even when empty (50 of any type of container with 100ml of residual product is 5 litres of chemical in the ground, this in turn over the long life of a mining lease can result in 1000's of litres of residual harm) and these contaminates can contain sulphates, phosphates and even worse compounds and trying to keep these residuals out of the ground is one of our mission aims.

How Can We Help?​
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Not My First Use Stickers

If you see this sticker on a Surekleen Product it means it has been reused and refilled.

Our new inventory management system now allows for tracking of saved and reused plastic. Allowing us to feed information back to customers and distributors.