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Sunday, 17 November 2013 03:58

Sure Foam

Sure Foam is a highly active, water-soluble foaming agent that produces a highly visible and an extremely stable foam source. Sure Foam allows the applicator to increase his spray accuracy and reduce over sprays and skips during operation. Sure Foam is a superior foam marker and is highly concentrated to work efficiently over a wide range of water hardness and mineral content. Sure Foam is available in blue, pink and natural. Sure Foam’s principal active agent is 100 % modified Alkyl Sulphonates.

Product #SF

Low risk

Packaging Available in:

    • 4 litres (4 x 4L per carton)

    • 10 litres

    • 20 litres

    • 205 litres

    • 1000 litres


Foam generating equipment should be cleaned with an agricultural cleaner (Boom Spray Cleaner) before introducing Sure foam. The product should be mixed at 1L product to 100L of water and up to 1.5lt product to 100L water if weather is particularly hot and dry. 

Foam Marker is best deposited as blobs rather than thin lines; this may necessitate increasing the diameter of the hose extending from the end of the boom. 

Sure Foam has many advantages: 

• highly stable foam 

• highly visible foam 

• economical – high dilution rate 

• best available ingredients used in manufacture 

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