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Thursday, 14 November 2013 11:39

Sure Active

The ideal product for sanitising in food preparation areas such as kitchens, abattoirs and seafood processing areas. Sure Active is a complex blend of quaternary ammonium compounds and highly active surfactants that give it a superior germicidal activity. Sure Active gives broad spectrum activity against both gram positive and gram negative organisms. Sure Active has great hard water tolerance and superior organic soil tolerance. Sure Active is also available in a no rinse version for final sanitising of work surfaces (Sure Active R.T.U.)



Sure Active R.T.U.
(Ready To Use)
Product #1SA4RTU

Packaging Available in:

    • 4 litres (1SA4RTU)

Sure Active
(Unmixed Bulk Containers)
Product #1SA

Packaging Available in:

    • 4 litres (1SA4)

    • 10 litres (1SA5)

    • 20 litres (1SA6)

Published in Kitchen/Dining

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