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Sunday, 17 November 2013 03:27

Light Vehicle Oil Spill Kit

Now, ALL spills can be retrieved - oil, diesel, brake fluid, hydraulic leaks and transmission fluids! No spill is too small not to bother about. As most spill kits are in 120 litre wheelie bins and stored at heights on the back of trucks, the hydrocarbon retrieval process does not easily lend itself to smaller spills, of which most of them are (500mls - 4 litres). A lot of these spills are neglected as insignificant contaminant, but mining processes are becoming more refined and ever more responsible to our footprint that remains on these tenements. As these (LV Oil Spill Kits) are stored in the back of light vehicles, the process is now more portable, user friendly and hydrocarbons or spillage of any small nature can be easily retrieved by in fact any employee or contractor.


Product #LVOSK



1 x 12 litre Recyclable Container
4kg Oil Absorbant Diatomaceous Earth
1 x containment Boom
1 x Retrieval Tool
1 pair Handling Gloves
1 Material Safety Data Sheet
1 x “Contaminated Hydrocarbon Waste Label”



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