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Sure Lube

Sure Lube...

Cleans and protects metal parts- Stops annoying squeaks. Protects outboard motor ignition system from salt water allowing easier start. Loosens corroded nuts and bolts-Lubricates metal parts. Displaces water from electrical parts-Will not dry out or become sticky. Reduces maintenance costs-Non toxic and environmentally responsible. Multi purpose product designed to displace moisture, penetrate rusted parts, lubricate moving parts and inhibit corrosion.Contains no silicones, no kerosene and no acid forming compounds. Will not wash off in water; will not become sticky or dry out in normal conditions. Will not harm metals, enamel, plastics, laminex, fibreglass, painted surfaces, electrical insulators, neoprene, vinyl or other common non-absorbent materials.


Product #1SL

Low risk

Packaging Available in:

    • 400g Aerosol

    • 1 litre

    • 4 litres (4 x 4L per carton)

    • 10 litres

    • 20 litres

    • 205 litres

    • 1000 litres

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